Fabien Schwob.

About Me

Interested by Information Technologies and computers for more than 15 years, I’ve successfully achieved a Master's Degree in Computer Science in 2006 to be able to work and evolve in the IT field.

I'm now 31 years old and I’m working as a Software Engineer for a french startup for about 7 years. My goal is to conceive, develop and maintain innovative and scalable web applications by using all the tools and services that can help me.

Technical skills

Python, Django, PostgreSQL, Linux (Ubuntu / Gentoo), Memcached, Redis, sphinxsearch, Gearman, fabric (deployment automation), HTML, CSS.



Software Engineer

I have used Python with Django as a web framework, and the PostgreSQL as the database to serve millions of pages to the users. I’ve also employed other tools to :

  • make the site more scalable, like the NoSQL servers redis or tokyotyrant
  • create the website search engine using the sphinxsearch project

I’ve learned to optimize the various parts of a web site, to one hand make it faster to load and on the other end to use as few resources (CPU / Memory / Network) as possible. For example, I’ve improved :

  • the front end by using compression or minification
  • the backend by finding bottleneck and removing them

I had worked the front office aimed at bloggers to allow them to share their articles on Paperblog using syndication and screen scraping. I’ve as well worked to improve the back office used by the editorial team to allow them to process the bloggers articles as fast as possible. 

 On the operational side, I’ve helped to build the server infrastructure and managing it for some times. And now I’m working in collaboration with our contractor to ensure everything is working well and according to our orders.

This job gave me a great sense of autonomy due to the fact I’m working for Paperblog as a tele-commuter which allowed me to learn :

  • how to communicate in a efficient manner with the rest on the team
  • how to manage my time to achieved the goals fixed for the projects I’m working on.


From: December 2007

To: Current

Website: Paperblog.com


Web developer

I’ve worked in a small team (4/5 peoples) in a web agency, on various clients project using PHP and an in-house CMS. I used mainly PHP and MySQL to create small to mid-sized websites.


From: September 2006

To: December 2007


Master in Computer Science

The Master was named "Web Intelligence" and was about machine learning, information retrieval, data mining, middleware and multi-agents system. I learned how to use these tools and how to work on real projects during my internship at the end of my studies.


Place: Jean Monnet University, Saint-Etienne, France

Graduated: 2006

BSc in Information Technology

I learn how to develop in a professional way and how to manage a project. I also had an an introduction to various skills like communication, movie editing, law, etc.


Place: Institute of Technology - Upper Alsace University, Mulhouse, France

Graduated: 2003


French Developer, using things like Django, PostgreSQL, memcache and other funny things like that.

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My Location

Mulhouse, France.

Worldwide by telecommuting / relocating